My sessions are relaxed and fun


I know life can get really busy and I’m here to help you get your photos done with the less effort as possible.

1.     First thing first - let's have a chat. I’m excited to hear from you!

I'm a lifestyle photographer and my sessions are relaxed and full of fun. The goal of the session is to cover emotions and connection between you. Even though I'm going to take a couple of photos of everyone looking (if possible) that's not the objective of the session. My sessions are mainly unposed, but don't worry there're no awkward moments. I’m in control and will help prompt you throughout the session as much or as little as needed

2.     When we book a date. You’ll need to pay a 20% deposit and complete a short online booking form to secure your spot. I'll then email you a client guide with more info about your session including advice on what to wear during your photoshoot. I'll help you to choose the right place and a right time for your photoshoot.

3.  I'll be in touch couple of days before your session to confirm your photoshoot due to weather etc. If the weather doesn't look right I'll talk to you and give you the option to re-schedule your session. This decision is totally up to you as I like almost all of the weather conditions (except a really rainy day). I enjoy shooting during mystic drizzly days, sunny evenings, cloudy or windy weather. The sky right before the storm can be also stunning. But the final decision is up to you, it's your session and I want you to feel as comfortable as possible.

4.     Full payment is required on the day of your session.

5.     Next thing, HAVE FUN! While I create some beautiful images for you. I'll guide you through your session including some fun activities for your kids and give you lots of ideas what to do. Your main thing to do is to have fun, be as close to each other as possible, cuddle, tickle, kiss your partner / kids and just be yourself. Let your kids to get wild, run around and have fun. The best moments will happen when you are being you. I'll make sure to cover all the poses, ideas and combinations you wish to include.

6.     I’ll send you a private online gallery within 7 - 10 days after your session. It'll be a soft edited gallery including heaps images to choose from. There's always an option to purchase more images or a full gallery if you wish to.

7.     Then I’ll do final editing for the images you love within the next 7-10 days and I’ll send you a download password to your email. You can download your photos into as many devices as you wish to. I'll also include a discount card for your next session with me.

8.     Last but not least – ENJOY YOUR PHOTOS!